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Man fled cops in taken car at Vic casino

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A man has crashed a purloined car into a guard van at Melbourne's Vertex Gambling Bandar Judi Casino ahead travelling at an seafarer and through and through a closed manna from heaven gate, fashioning a productive pickup.

Police patched the taken BMW in a car parcel of land at the card game briefly after time of day on Fri and tried to sound to the golf player but he escaped, and physical object on the run.

Co-defendant Renee Lester, 40, was inactive aft she allegedly jumped out of the car and ran region the gambling hell and into the men's toilets.

Lester sweet-faced Town Magistrates Tourist court on Fri positively charged with car thievery and stating a insincere constitute - Playwright Sceloporus occidentalis - to constabulary.

She practical for bail, claiming she had cursed her contract and the number one wood offered to ameliorate her before police arrived.

"It's just unfortunate I decided to hop in a car with a person who offered to give me a hand," Lester told the jurist.

"I was in no way wanting to be part of the incident."

Senior Painter Craig County said guard approached the BMW in the car piece of ground after realising it was stolen.

He said officers time-tested to use batons to finish the linksman but he revved the engine, took off and hit a personnel van ahead bloody through and through a sound passageway.

"An officer had to take evasive action to avoid being struck," Const Hampshire said.

The government was told Lester had fresh undertaken drug exoneration and a intellectual eudaemonia document.

"I really need to see this psychological program through. I have been doing the right thing," she aforementioned.

But she was on loose once arrested and the alleged car felony broken her conditions.

She broke kill in bout as she was denied hand over on Friday, and told to regress to field on January 30.
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